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LEGO Social Skills Group

LEGO 社交小組




  • LEGO合作砌:組員需要扮演工程師/ 供應商/ 建築師的角色,以高度的專注、聆聽、自控與溝通,合作完成LEGO模型。

  • LEGO自由砌:發揮無限創意,分享自己的LEGO作品,學習表達,提升自信。

Build creativity, collaboration and fun with LEGO!

  • LEGO cooperative building: Team members need to play the role of engineer/ supplier/ architect, and cooperate to complete the LEGO model with a high degree of concentration, listening, self-control and communication.


  • LEGO free building: Unleash unlimited creativity, share your own LEGO works, learn to express, and improve self-confidence.

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